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Pavers and Flagstone:


We install pavers for patios, driveways, decks and walkways.

We also install flagstone patios.

Pavers are both decorative and practical.

Pavers won't crack like concrete, but are lower maintenance.  Pavers also won't rot like wood patios.

Paver driveway with flagstone walkway in Flagstaff AZ near Mt. Elden

In this picture above, we installed a new paver driveway, flagstone steps and walkway, and a retaining wall, along with the landscaping.

Mt. Elden makes for a nice backdrop to this gorgeous front yard.

A paver sitting area with flagstone walkway

For the paver sitting area pictured above we created a pleasant outdoor space with large seating boulders cut into paver patio.

The boulders are natural malapai, which are found locally in Northern Arizona.  We also installed lush grass with Anglia Edgers for border.

The walkways to the paver sitting area consist of large pieces of flagstone, surrounded by crushed granite.

Pavered patio in a backyard in Flagstaff AZ

In this project above we worked the pavers in around an existing ponderosa pine tree. 

We also installed dark-sky friendly perimeter lighting. 

We recommend sealing new pavers.  Please contact our friends at Highwood Construction for paver sealing.

Tumbled Pavers:

Pavers and a seating boulder in Equestrian Estates in Flagstaff Arizona

These Pavers pictured above are the "tumbled" Style
For this backyard project in Equestrian Estates, we incorporated a large natural seating Boulder and a seating wall.
We curved the pavers around the existing trees.
After laying the pavers, we spread sand to fill the cracks and then re-compact them to lock them in place.
The extra sand is later sweeped off.


Flagstone is a great option for backyards and walkways.

Backyard seating area created from Flagstone

Flagstone can be set with sand joints, mortar joints or in a gravel base.

Flagstone can also be used for outdoor steps.

For this project we tied in the Flagstone steps with the surround malapai rock.

Flagstone steps set in malapai rock leading up to a backyard seating area

Flagstaff has an abundance of malapai rock, which makes for a very natural looking landscape project.

The dark color of malapai is striking.

Flagstone walkway in a backyard set in decorative gravel surrounded by raised flower beds.

Implementing flagstone and pavers as part of a xeroscape design helps conserve water.

Here is a darker red flagstone we installed in a backyard along with a stacked stone wall:

Dark red flagstone walkway in a backyard in Northern Arizona

Flagstone comes in many shades and varieties. 

The stacked stone wall in this picture coordinates with the red color of this flagstone.

Here is a long Flagstone pathway leading down to the Flagstaff Urban Trail System:

Flagstone pathway leading towards the FUTS

Flagstone comes in a variety of colors, shapes and thicknesses

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