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Custom Water Features

We design and build custom water features for backyard environments

Backyard waterfall made out of a Flagstone boulder in Flagstaff AZ

Water Features add life and character to any backyard.

Side view of a waterfall boulder

This water feature includes several large boulders and stones.
It is surround by natural grass, wood chips and a rock culvert.
Landscape lighting makes this water feature really stand out at night.

Blue colored boulder turned into a waterfall in Flagstaff

We have several different types of boulders that we can turn into water features.
This customer chose a boulder with a lot of blue tones.

Water feature with a putting green

The landscape project pictured above features a waterfall boulder in the foreground.
WE also installed a paver walkway and Flagstone steps.
The steps lead down to an artificial grass are that could be a putting green.
Other design elements include seating boulders and crushed granite.

Large seating boulder waterfall

This water feature pictured above includes lichen covered local stone.

The waterfall boulder featured below is heavily covered in lichen.
The lichen will continue to grow and spread as long as it gets moisture.

Malapai waterfall boulder created by Stix and Stones Landscaping in Flagstaff AZ

Stacked Stone Waterfall:

Stacked stone waterfall in Flagstaff AZ

Pictured above is a stacked stone waterfall we built for a backyard in Flagstaff Arizona.
This waterfall features natural river rock surrounded by crushed granite.

We will work closely with you from concept to final draft to ensure you have the right plan in advance of construction.

Concept - Design - Draft - Install

We are a full service landscape company.


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